Interstate Moving Checklist

Make Your Interstate Move Hassle Free

Moving to a new state, new city, and a new house definitely brings lot of cheers and excitement. But, if not handled carefully, it can make your move stressful and difficult. A proper planning in advance, some order and effort is all that is required for making your move fun filled and effortless.

The following interstate moving checklist will cover all important aspects and will ensure you a hassle free move:

• You should start combing all your possessions and decide on the items that you want to carry with you. You can make a separate pile of items that you intend to sell or donate. If you have plans to hold a lawn or garage sale, you should not delay it until the last moment. Holding it few days prior to your planned move will be a great idea.

• If you have plans to hire an interstate mover, you should book early to ensure their availability on the due date. You should choose a reputable company that has excellent track record of customer service and can offer services within your budget. There are many websites that offer free moving quotes from several companies.You can use these companies to get a best deal from a reputable moving company.

• You should also decide whether you are interested in simple “door to door” moving or want a use the services of professional interstate movers in services such as proper packing, loading, unloading, etc.

Interstate Moving Does Not Have To Be So Hard

• If you want to pack the belongings yourself, you should arrange the packing material, pens, boxes, labels, packing tapes, and bubble wraps. If you want to use the services of interstate movers for packing, then you must ensure that they take care of all these things.

• You should check every box to ensure that it has been properly wrapped and covered using heavy duty tape, marked, and labeled before loading. You should prepare a master list, and update it with the contents of every box.

• Decide on the school for your kids in your new neighborhood at the earliest. You can seek guidance from the teachers in your present school or seek reference from parents in your new neighborhood.

• Update your new address with your friends and relatives.This is one of the most important point in the interstate moving checklist.

• Settle all outstanding tax arrears or utility charges such as gas, telephone, water, electricity, etc. Arrange disconnection of utilities and get in touch with new provider for the transfer of your existing connection. If you are using house services, then you should also inform them about your move and check if they will work at your new place.

• You should also settle all your issues concerning bank, which if neglected can lead to unnecessary correspondence, branch visits, telephone calls, and rigmarole of letters.

• You should also update your electoral role. You should also check the contents insurance for ensuring protection against damages during your move. If you have hired a long distance mover, you should inquire from them whether they are offering any insurance and to what extent.

Once you follow the above mentioned interstate moving checklist, your move will no longer worrisome, and you will enjoy every bit of it.

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